Marxist blames inequality on Obama-compromised-Capitalism

marx and barack obama 00eJames Pethokouskis recently addressed celebrated leftist economist Thomas Piketty’s claim that rising income inequality in the United States confirms criticisms of Marxism, albeit 60 years later than Karl predicted, in his The New Marxism (parts one and two) columns at National Review. We were disappointed that the usually adept economics columnist failed to identify Piketty’s most glaring false assumption nor emphasize his most revealing admission. Continue reading →

Medicaid safety net should catch poor single men

diabetes feetUnlike most Democrats, this GOP supporter of Medicaid expansion doesn’t deem fellow conservatives that oppose this aspect of Obamacare as proof they don’t care for the poor. After all, such compassion prompted this former Dem to switch parties 13 years ago to advocate the continuance of Reagan economic policies that shrunk poverty and grew the middle class Continue reading →

Sessions rejects GOP corp welfare, would put America back to work

jeff sessionsFellow conservatives, wishing to distinguish themselves from moderate Republicans and identify with tea partiers, usually think of Republican Sens. Marco Rubio (FL), Ted Cruz (TX), Mike Lee (UT) and Rand Paul (KY). But one would be hard-pressed to find a Republican conservative more adept at calling out the establishment Continue reading →

The content of news, insurance, 501c4s and Democrats’ character

Obama big-brotherEven Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis is outraged that the Federal Communications Commission would even entertain the idea of placing government agents in news rooms for the purpose of monitoring the content of broadcasts by the press for companies they license. Thanks for belated small favors, Mr. Democrat, but Continue reading →

GA bill expands gun-carry and private property rights

private-property-450x300Georgia property owners and leaseholders should support Republican-passed House bill 875. It restores the rights of bars, churches and other property properties to allow patrons to carry firearms on to their property while also allowing them the right to exclude them. Continue reading →

Allstar MVP Kyrie dethrones Lebron, King Obama vulnerable

crown-jewelsDecisions, decisions and The Decision. In 2008, We the People decided to turn over the nukes to a community organizer whose main qualifications before Hope & Change were, in ascending order, that he was not Hillary, not a Republican and that he was covered with white-guilt-purging, non-white skin.  Continue reading →

Washington’s Birthday, not just any old president’s day

Washington at TrentonIt is fitting that if we are to celebrate the birthday of just one president, that it be the Father of our Country, without whose leadership and character there would be no USA, and yes, Monday’s federal holiday is still, and always has been, declared in federal law, as Washington’s Birthday, not any so-called amorphous “President’s Day” Continue reading →